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Manuscript Broadside of the poem, "Horizon" by Billy Collins.


Acrylic and ink on paper, signed. With original mailing envelope. 14 x 10-1/4 in. Fine Item #338320

Manuscript broadside of Collin's poem by the American Color Field painter Dan Christensen, whom Clement Greenberg called "one of the painters on whom the course of American art depends". Included is a 1997 TLS from Christensen to the original owner, noting that the poem comes from Collins's 1995 collection The Art of Drowning. He says:

"Billy is a good friend of mine as well as one of my favorite poets. His work is poignent, intelligent, and quite often humorous. I selected this particular poem because of its allusion to painterly concerns. He often deals with the practical, concrete matters, which he translates into metaphysical ones. I feel this is true of 'Horizon'."

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