Below is a list of our most recently posted online catalogues. If you are interested in receiving our catalouges by mail please call (212) 688-6441 or e-mail us at

Printed Catalogues

  • Sporting books & Prints

    We are pleased to send you our latest sporting catalogue, with books, prints and manuscript material ranging from Restoration England to the middle 1960s.

  • The Robert S. Pirie Catalogue

    James Cummins Bookseller is proud to present books from the library of Robert S Pirie (1934-2015), who formed one the greatest collections of English literature in our era.


Web Only Catalogues

  • Private Press

    This week we present a selection from our stock of Private Press books, including titles from early presses (Lee Priory and Daniel), presses of the Arts & Craft movement and into the early 20th century (Doves, Kelmscott, Ashendene, Cresset, Gregynog), presses that straddled the private/mass market divide (Nonesuch, Limited Editions Club, Golden Cockerel), press associated with specific authors or movements (Dun Emer and  Cuala, Seizin, Mountain House), continental European presses (Bremer, Officinal Bodoni), American presses and printers (Grabhorn, John Henry Nash, Edwin Rudge, Thomas Bird Mosher, D.B. Updike and Merrymount), Parisian expatriate presses (Black Sun, Three Mountains), modern and contemporary private presses (Bird & Bull, Arion, Cheloniidae) and a selection of works designed by Bruce Rogers.

  • Theatre

    James Cummins Bookseller is pleased to present a selection of material relating to theater. These selections range from Ancient Greece to twentieth-century America and include inscribed copies of Death of a Salesman and Waiting for Godot, works by Sophocles and Euripides, and the complete works of William Shakespeare.

  • The Derrydale Press

    We are pleased to present a comprehensive selection of Derrydale Press books and ephemera, including a handsome copy of Gene Connett’s legendary Magic Hours, the deluxe editions of American Big Game Fishing and Atlantic Salmon Fishing (and several others), together with books rarely seen in dust jacket (such as Ash’s Pratical Dog Book), and nice copies of books by classic Derrydale authors and artists Gordon Grand, Nash Buckingham, Roland Clark, and Paul Brown. A deluxe copy of the bibliography by Siegel and Oelgart, superbly bound by American master Gray Parrot, as well as fine copies of the standard reference works, are also included on our list. Perhaps you will find something of interest.

  • Thanksgiving List 2018

    Happy Thanksgiving!!

  • Halloween List

    This week, James Cummins Bookseller is pleased to present a list of Gothic, supernatural, and just plain spooky items to celebrate Halloween. Items featured include a variety of works illustrated by Edward Gorey, Daphe du Maurier's classic "Rebecca," and many more.

  • Manuscripts, Pamphlets and Americana from the Old Mill

    An exciting and diverse collection of manuscripts and Americana spanning four centuries. Highlights include: a signed, rare document of historic importance from John C. Frémont's short-lived Governorship of California; a large and attractive, unrecorded decorative printing of the Declaration of Independence by an obscure Hartford printer; and a letter written during Napoleon Bonaparte’s exile on St. Helena, by his personal physician, Barry Edward O’Meara.Contemporary offerings include two sketch books from the early career of Sam Simon, who won eight primetime Emmys for his work on the iconic animated sitcom, The Simpsons. 

  • New York City

    James Cummins Bookseller presents a diverse list of books, manuscripts, original art, and photographs and prints that pertain to the history and iconography of New York City. Highlights include the sensational antebellum novels of George Lippard that took New York as their setting, 19th century photographic portraits of Central Park, manuscript material by prominent New York physician and founder of the King's College medical school Samuel Bard, and original artwork by the infamous Harlem hoarder Langley Collyer.

  • Women

    James Cummins Bookseller is pleased to present a list of 32 items by and relating to women, spanning the 19th to 21st centuries, and including suffrage, theatre, literature, art, sporting, education and activism. Among the highlights are a portrait photograph of suffragist and radical SARA BARD FIELD; an autograph letter signed of the great 19th century British actress SARAH SIDDONS; ABIGAIL MOTT’s biographical sketches of African-Americans (1837),  and an early, uncrecorded binding  by SARAH PRIDEAUX

  • American Politics

    James Cummins bookseller is pleased to present a list of material relating to American politics, including presidential letters, arguments for and against women's suffrage, a transcript of the Watergate hearings, and a signed edition of Barack Obama's Dreams of My Father.

  • Gambling

    James Cummins Bookseller presents a collection of works on gambling, including several important early works on the rules and strategy of poker; a first edition of The Expert at the Card Table, the seminal work on sleight of hand; an edition of Hoyle’s rules in rare printed cardboard box, a precursor to the dust-jacket; and a group of early 19th-century lottery puffs.

  • Hollywood

    James Cummins Bookseller is pleased to present a selection of material relating to the art and commerce of Hollywood. Among the items listed are letters written by Katharine Hepburn, an early edition of "The Shining," portraits of Orson Welles and Harry Belafonte, and more.

  • American Independence

    We present a short list celebrating our national independence, with primary manuscript accounts of the American Revolutionary War, important works articulating the debates leading up to the conflict, autographs of signers of the Declaration of Independence, and contemporary published histories of the War.