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Printed Catalogues

Web Only Catalogues

  • Spring Poetry Selection

    James Cummins Bookseller is pleased to present a short list of 19th and 20th century poetry, including printed and manuscript material from the likes of Bishop, Auden, Rilke, Dickinson, Pound, Hughes, Stein, Rossetti, Stevenson, Olson, Eluard, Duncan, Zukofsky, and Whitman.

  • Sets & Fine Bindings

    Whether you are looking to decorate a room, showcase your favorite authors, or just love red morocco, finely bound leather sets will make any shelf look refined.

  • The Keys to Success in Life

    As a high school student, Seymour Halpern (1913-1997), wrote letters to many notables of the day including politicians, military officers, entertainers, diplomats, artists, activists, writers, explorers, scientists, and businessmen, inquiring about the keys to their success in life. The responses were as varied and diverse as the subjects of his inquiries. Halpern would later go on to serve as Republican from New York to the 86th, 87th, 88th, 89th, 90th, 91st and 92nd United States Congresses, holding office from January 3, 1959, to January 3, 1973.

  • Foxhunting

    The harvests are in and the sound of the huntsman’s horn echoes in the autumn hills. We are pleased to offer M. L. Biscotti’s pioneering bibliography, Six Centuries of Foxhunting, in the trade edition and in a specially bound deluxe edition, together with some classics of the field, from Beckford and Apperley to Surtees and Someville & Ross and van Urk, as well as illustrated works, including Edith Somerville’s prints for the Irish R.M. stories and Marguerite Kirmse’s superb Fox and Hound. Tally Ho!

  • Boston Book Fair 2017

    Highlights from the selection of books we will be exhibiting in booth 120 at the 2017 Boston International Antiquarian Book Fair, November 10-12 at the John B. Hynes Veterans Memorial Convention Center. Visit for more information.

  • Botany and Herbals

    Featuring books and art on botany with a great selection of herbals. Showcasing original drawings of flora, The Gardener's Pocket-calendar from 1776, and The Florist's Manual, or Hints for the Construction of A Gay Flower-Garden.


  • Folklore, Occultism and the Macabre

    Featuring books on demonology, the supernatural, and witchcraft. Showcasing authors such as H.P. Lovecraft, Charles Addams, M.R. James, and Edward Gorey. A selection of the macabre such as a fragment of mummy cloth from 1200 BCE, and a scarce volume on the Scottish Witchcraft Trials.



  • T.E. Lawrence

    In this the centennial of the great events of the Arab Revolt, we are pleased to offer a choice collection of T. E. Lawrence (1888-1935), including the 1926 Seven Pillars, books from his library at Clouds Hill, and an excellent group of works from the Corvinus Press, as well as biographical material from all periods of the posthumous career of Lawrence of Arabia, with a few related works of interest from other authors on the Middle East. 

  • Irving, Cooper, and Bryant

    We are pleased to offer a selection of autograph material of Washington Irving, from the collection of the late great Irving scholar and collector, Andrew B. Myers (1920-1998). Myers, who taught at Fordham for several decades beginning in 1946, was a longtime president of the Washington Irving Society, author of numerous works about Irving, and editor of several editions of Irving’s works. Many of the items are accompanied by Myers’ notes as well as his correspondence with the various book dealers he bought from, dating back to the 1960s. The selection includes letters spanning the length of Irving’s writing career, several manuscript leaves from published and unpublished works, and other material. Also from Myers’ collection is a selection of autograph material of James Fennimore Cooper and William Cullen Bryant.

  • Manuscript Americana - Fall

    Featuring an engaging, eclectic collection of Americana ranging from the 17th through the 20th centuries. Showcasing autograph manuscripts signed by participants of the Salem Witch Trials, including Thomas Fiske, foreman of the jury that convicted Rebecca Nurse, and Stephen Sewall, Clerk of the Special Court of Oyer and Terminer which tried the witchcraft cases. Highlights also include a Typed Autograph Letter, Signed Eleanor Roosevelt, written during FDR’s second term, hinting at her desire to be free of her role as first lady when the term is over; and a partially-printed document dated during the French & Indian War period, with an embossed 4 Pence “Sailing Ship” Vignette Revenue Stamp “Steady, Steady.”