Sell Your Books

We buy books too. If you have one (or more) you’d like to sell, this is how we go about it:

The most important things we need to know are as follows: Author, title, place of publication, publisher, and the year it was published. If there is any additional information on the title page (or on the back of the title-page) such as “second edition”, “new edition”, “limited edition”, one of one hundred copies”, “revised and corrected”, please let us know.

Does it have any maps or illustrations? Is it signed by the author, or perhaps owned by someone who knew the author? Equally, are there any stains, has anyone written in the margins? All of these things make our decision easier.

Some books can indeed be judged by their cover. So we also need to know how the book is bound. Is it bound in leather, cloth, or paper-covers boards? Does it have a dust jacket?

The quickest way to supply these detail is by emailing us photographs of the books in question. As per above, most important is a shot of the binding and the title page.