Item #318115 Latin manuscript leaves. David Ruhnken.

Latin manuscript leaves.

late 18th century.

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Two leaves folded to make eight pages, unpaginated. 8vo. Thick paper, reinforced at folds, written in brown-black ink with outer margins sporting occasional contemporary annotations.

Item #318115

This Latin letter by an unidentified writer comments on the state of education and learning with regards to classical Latin and Greek oratory. The comments range from criticism of a variety of nations' aptitude for and accomplishment in those fields (the Italian, French, English, German, and French are called out in particular) to quotes from various sources.

The author comments extensively on David Ruhnken (1723-1798), including his work on Rutilius Lupus, and mentions at least Aldine edition of a classical grammarians' texts.

A fine calligraphic example, annotated in places to correct the Latin grammar, this slightly snarky letter is a glimpse at correspondence in the age of Enlightenment, especially in central Europe, and the webs of communication and publishing history that brought Classical texts to more modern audiences.