Champ Fleury. [Wherin is contained the Art & Science of the proper & true Proprtions of Attic Letters, otherwise called Antique Letters, proprtioned according to the human Body and Face.] Translated Into English and Annotated by George Ives.

New York: The Grolier Club, 1927.

Price: $700.00

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One of 390 copies on antique wove rag paper. Illustrated. xxiii, [i], 208, [1] pp. Printed at the Printing House of William Edwin Rudge, Mount Vernon, New York October, 1927. 1 vols. Small Folio (31 x 21 cm). Original vellum-backed decorated boards. Yale bookplate. In custom cloth slipcase. Ransom, Grolier Club, #85; One Hundred Books Famous in Typography 12A.

Item #316380

Champ Fleury by Geofroy Tory, one of the great Rennaissance treatises on letter form, was reprinted by Bruce Rogers on commission from the Grolier Club. Completed in October of 1927, it was "a massive accomplishment in design and production, of first importance in the literature of the printed book. It is one of Rogers' most impressive volumes; its inclusion as one of the honored 'thirty' can not be questioned." (Bluemnthal, Bruce Rogers, pp. 97-98). "The illustrations and diagrams, instead of being reproduced directly from the original impressions, some of which were poorly printed, were redrawn by BR over photographic enlargements and thereby 'more nearly aproximate the original designs as they were meant to appear.' " (Ransom, p. 147).