Item #27357 Autograph letter signed “S. Baring Gould”. Sabine Baring-Gould.
Autograph letter signed “S. Baring Gould”

Autograph letter signed “S. Baring Gould”.

North Devon: Lew Trenchard, 24 May 1907.

One page. 1 vols. 12mo. To “My dear Fiske.” Some light discoloration, else very good Item #27357

Baring-Gould, the eminent novelist, essayist and vicar, is best recalled as the author of the verses to “Onward Christian Soldiers” and “Now the Day is Over” as well as his notable “Book of Were-Wolves.” On the death of his father, the squire of Lew-Trenchard, Baring-Gould took over the family estate and responsibility, serving also as the local vicar as well as writing prolifically. He writes to Fiske concerning Belerus. “I have said that Belerus tho' identified by Shurman with Palladius, phonetically this was not possible but that as Palladius was either born or educated in Britain and showed a singular interest in the ecclesiastical orthodony, etc…The printers are spinning on with the proofs. I hope you got MSS all right. I read and sent on to Dunne who has given me useful hints”.

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