A Letter to the Hon. Harrison Gray Otis...on the present State of Our national Affairs: With Remarks upon Mr. Pickering's Letter to the Governor of the Commonwealth [His Excellency James Sullivan].

New Haven: Sidney's Press, 1808.

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Pp. 32. 1 vols. 8vo. Disbound. Goldsmith's Kress Library of Economic Literature 19634; Shaw and Shoemaker 14274; Sabin 282.

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Commenting upon American co-minister in Great Britain Pickering's pamphlet on the Embargo and the the controversy between England and the United States. Adams felt the need to respond noting that several statements which Pickering made were biased or not completely true and needed clarification. American sentiments were running high, the affair of the "Chesapeake," Jefferson's Embargo Act of 22 December, 1807 which seriously affected the American economy, the British orders of Council of Nov. 11, 1807 " which placed millions of American owned property into the British hands either through confiscation or detention, George III's proclamation of 15 October commanding his officers to impress his subjects from neutral vessels and the problems with the doctrine of continuous voyages practiced by the British (and the French). This pamphlet provoked a response by "Alfred," in "A letter to the Hon. John Quincy Adams occasioned by His Letter to Mr. Otis. [Printed in America (New York) 1808].