Two decrees (in Russian). Russia, Catherine the Great.

Two decrees (in Russian).

Moscow: Meisto Pechati [first piece], 17 & 19 March 1775.

[2]; 6, [2 blank]. 1 vols. Folio. The two pieces loosely stitched together. Some stains, not affecting legibility, stitchmarks, light soiling else very good Item #36879

Decrees relating to the military, issued by Catherine II. These were issued the year following the end of the Russo-Turkish wars and the treaty of Kuchuk Kainarji (signed the 21st July 1774), and after the Cossack rebellion lead by Ymelyan Pugachev who claimed to be Peter III and who was finally captured and executed at Moscow the 11th of January 1775. As a result of the wars and the rebellion in 1775 Catherine seriously reformed the provincial and urban administrations giving greater control to the central government. The first decree lists eight numbered points, perhaps officers for promotion or commendation, it has the Royal titles as a caption title and commences citing the decree of 3 August 1744. The second piece bears no caption title or heading but lists 47 separately numbered points, each a short paragraph, imprint on final leaf of text.

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