10 giclee prints, each signed and numbered

Shakespeare and His Patterns.

New York: c. 2010.

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One of 200. 10 full color giclee prints; 22" x 17". Large folio. 10 giclee prints, each signed and numbered. Ten full color prints housed in a black cloth backed paper board folio with titles pasted down on upper, secured on edges with ties. Each print signed and numbered by the artist; a fine set of prints.

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Glaser created his first series of Shakespeare posters for the Theatre for a New Audience, for their 20th anniversary in 1999, and created another set a decade later. The portraits vary widely, and he gave a basic definition of the Shakespeare portrait in his 2008 book, Art Is Work: “All Shakespeare portraits derive from two or three original sources that are not in agreement with one another. The only agreement seems to be a high-domed forehead, a beard, mustache and a wide, white collar. This opened up the portrait to numerous possibilities"