Advertisement for a John L. Spivak Lecture in Cleveland at the Engineers Auditorium [February 9th, 1935].

Cleveland, Ohio: 1935.

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single leaf. 9" x 6" "HATCHING AMERICA'S HITLERS" Single leaf toned from age, else near fine.

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John L. Spivak (b. 1897 - d. 1981) was an American socialist reporter and author who wrote for various publications about the working class, racism, and labor movements in the United States. During the height of McCarthyism he lived under a false name and wrote under other aliases (infamously under Monroe Fry for the sensational Sex, Vice and Business published by Esquire). During the 1930s he had ties with the Soviet Union and used his position as a journalist to dispel anti-communist propaganda. It was also during this time he travelled to Georgia to document the realities of chain gang labor in prison camps in his novel, "Georgia Nigger," later retitled, "Hard Times on a Southern Chain Gang" and his reporting subsequently led to New Jersey Governor A. Harry Moore's refusal to extradite a fugitive from Georgia.

This advertisement is for a lecture he gave at several stops in February of 1935 at Cincinatti, Indianapolis, Chicago, Cleveland, and Boston on "Wall Street's Facist Conspiracy" - an article that was published in New Masses Magazine [February 5th, 1935] regarding the abuses of power and labor from Grayson Murphy, William Randolph Hearst, J.P. Morgan and John W. Davis, and others.