English Bards and Scotch Reviewers. A Satire.

London: Printed for James Cawthorn, [1809].

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First edition, spurious issue. vi, 54 pp. 1 vols. 12mo. Publisher's printed boards, uncut. Worn, spine perished, covers off. Wise, Byron I, 22.

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Identified by Wise as a spurious issue of the First Edition, with the fourth line of the Preface reading ‘Aulhor’ instead of ‘Author’ and the misspellings ‘despatch’ and ‘wizzard’ on page 5, and the paper in this copy is unwatermarked. Nonetheless, typographically, the text of this volume conforms to that of the first edition, including the printed covers, and it stands as a significant bibliographical artifact of the history of Bryron's revenge on the critics of his first book. Cawthorn's arrangement was for 1,000 copies of the book, but demand for “English Bards” was high enough that the publisher continued to issue copies of the first edition before the additional material included in the authorized second edition was available.