Item #305061 Le Marchand de Pitsane...after Johann Georg Wille (1715-1808). Pierre Gabriel Bertthault, 748-ca. 1819.

Le Marchand de Pitsane...after Johann Georg Wille (1715-1808).

c. 1780's.

A Wash manner print: colour aquatint with etching, engraving, roulette and soft ground etching. With registration marks at the top and bottom center of the platemark. The initials beneath the image, by the platemark, were a royal privilege (copyright). 275 x 223 mm. Matted. On laid paper with a watermark (Euade?) Portalis & Beraldi (Berthault) I, pp. 167-172, no mention of this print. On page 170 Beraldi discusses Berthault's prints after Wille and prints with aquatint: Beraldi does not believe thes prints were executed by Berthault, since he did not work in aquatint and the prints addresses do not include :sculpt." However, this print does have the address "Berthalt Sculp." Item #305061

The travelling merchant in the print is probably selling a potion (tisane) of wormwood. Wormwood is a member of the Artemisia genus, which includes such herbs as tarragon, sage, sagebrush and ragweed. Traditionally ,wormwood has been used medicinally to aid in digestion and for pain in child birth, but it is best known as the basis for absinthe.

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