Militârregierung-Deutschland kontrollgebeit des Obersten befehlshabers. Proklamation Nr. 1.

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Printed leaflet, printed on both sides. WG12 lower left. Two binder hole punches at top margin, light edgewear. Not in Cohen.

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In this proclamation to the people of Germany from 1945, Eisenhower declares that "The Allied Forces serving under my command have now entered Germany. We come as conquerors, but not as oppressors...We shall overthrow the Nazi rule, dissolve the Nazi Party and abolish the cruel, oppressive and discriminatory laws and institutions which the Party has created. We shall eradicate that German Militarism which has so often disrupted the peace of the world"

In this edict Eisenhower suspends all German courts and educational institutions within the occupied territory and instructs all German officials, employees, and workers to remain at their posts until further notice.

With Churchill and FDR's statements on “über Deutschlands Zukunft” ["on Germany's future"] on the verso.