Item #262934 Typed Postcard. E. E. Cummings.

Typed Postcard.

Silver Lake, NH: August 25, 1962.

Surface abrasion, not affecting text Item #262934

Airmail postcard to Howard Rothschild in London, dated shortly before Cummings’ death: "thanks immensely for the priceless information about Norway — & for the 2handedswordlifting Swedish hero. Let us know how you like guided tours in the proletarian paradise; & don't miss Lenin! Marion sends love."
[With:] Four page Autograph Letter, signed, from Cummings’ wife, Marion Morehouse, reading in part: "Thanks so much for the clipping, though I'm always dismayed by the way journalists misquote. C did say to Sonia [Orwell] that artists should be in the opposition but as for saying he'd not been happy since Roosevelt was elected, not only did he not say it but it's no the sort of thing he would say …”.

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