Biographical Dictionary of Reformation Minds

Decades du continentes Vitas Theologorum exterorum principum, qui Ecclesiam Christi Superiori seculo propagarunt et propugnarunt. [Bound with:] Vitae Germanorum medicorum qui seculo superiori, et quod excurrit, claverunt: congetae et ad annum usque MDCXX deductae.

Frankfurt: Nikolaus Hoffmann for Jonas Rosa; Johann Georg Geyder for the widow of Jonas Rosa, 1618; 1620.

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First editions. 1 vols. 8vo. Biographical Dictionary of Reformation Minds. Contemporary vellum (lower portion of binding renewed), with ms. titles on spine. With a cardinal's coat of arms dated 1724 stamped in red on first title. Text browned, but a good solid copy. STC/German 17th-century A-147; STC/German 17th-century A-142; Wellcome Library 33.

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Melchior Adams (c. 1575-1622) was one of the most important biographers of the savants (mostly German, Swiss, and Dutch) of the 16th century, and his meticulously researched biographies are an essential source of our knowledge of the lives of the thinkers of the Reformation -- including theologians, philosophers, jurists, and physicians. The first title, biographies of non-Germanic theologians, with accounts of Calvin, Knox, Cranmer, Whitaker, Beza, et. al.; while the second title, a biographical dictionary of German medical scientists, includes Vesalius, Munster, Gesner, et al.