Extensive File of Catalogues of Faculty and Students, from 1822 to 1945.

Amherst, Mass: vp, 1822-1945.

14 vols. 8vo. Purple buckram. Ex-Forbes Library. 1890-1899 volume not present Item #221311

Edward Dickinson (1803-1874), father of Emily, was a prominent Amherst lawyer, treasurer of Amherst College, and U.S. Congressman. He was the son of Samuel Fowler Dickinson, one of the founders of Amherst College. He graduated from Yale in 1823, and opened a law office in Amherst in 1826, where he continued toe practice until his death. In 1838-9 and 1873 he was chosen as member of the Massachusetts assembly, and was elected state senator in 1842-3. In 1846-7 he served as a member of the governor's council, and was elected by the Whig party to sit sit in the lower house of Congress from 1853 until 1855. Dickinson served as treasurer of Amherst College continuously from 1835-1874, at which point he turned over the position to his son, William A[ustin] Dickinson. Each is listed as treasurer in these catalogues, from 1835-1889

A taciturn and sometimes cold man, Dickinson demanded much from his children. He was so inexpressive that when his rare smiles were almost "embarrassing," as Emily wrote to a friend. Emily was Edward's favorite, although he took pains to hide his affection for his middle child.

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