Sumptuous German Presentation Testimonial, 1902

A testimonial, hand-lettered in German in black, gold, red and silver inks, presented to Erzherzog Rainer and his wife Maria on the occasion of their 50th wedding anniversary, 21 February 1902, by the Christlicher Wiener Frauen-Bund.

Vienna: produced by the studio of Brüder Nedomansky, 1902.

Price: $2,500.00

About the item

1 vols. Folio. Sumptuous German Presentation Testimonial, 1902. Two hinged leaves on heavy stock, held with gilt metal cord in an elaborate fawn morocco binding with a central recessed panel containing a crowned monogram in red and white enamel, silver, and gilt metal of elaborate design, four cornerpieces in the same style bearing enameled dates, and other small enamelled silver devices, the whole enclosed in a moulded gilt metal frame surrounded by the volume's tooled leather border; suspended are two metallic tassels. Fine condition.

Item #20210

An extremely attractive and well-produced artifact. The layout of the text is impeccable, the lettering faultless, while the binding was intended to be a showpiece, and succeeds.