Telegram to Robert Silvers.

1969 Mar 6.

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Western Union Telegram, with envelope and hospital visiting card. 5-1/2 x 8-12 inches. Some yellowing, chips to the bottom corners; envelope chipping.

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Sent to Silvers while he was recovering in University Hospital, it reads in full: "We love you get well right away / Cal and Elizabeth". Silvers was the editor of Harper's in 1959 when he published Elizabeth Hardwick's “The Decline of Book Reviewing” in Harper’s. Silvers called that essay "crucial," and said that it was a few years later, the couple were instrumental in kickstarting the review. "Lizzie and her husband, the poet Robert Lowell, were having dinner with my friends Jason and Barbara Epstein, and Jason, then a senior editor at Random House, said there was no choice: The time had come to start a new book review" ("In Conversation With Robert Silvers," New York Magazine, April 5, 2013) The five of them, plus Whitney Ellsworth, founded the review, publishing the first issue in February of 1963. Lowell contributed to the first issue, and Hardwick finagled reviews from Fred Dupree and Mary McCarthy.
A momento of friendship from inside the finest journal of literary criticism in Post-War America.