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Autograph letter signed, to E. J. Scott, on a farmer's conference held at the Voorhees Normal & Indistrial School and on the purchase of a deposit of clay.

Denmark, South Carolina: February 15, 1917.

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1p., on Voorhees Normal & Indistrial School stationery. 4to. Matted, framed and glazed.

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"I know you will be interested to know that we had a great conference here yesterday, many more than the assembly room would hold. A number of prominent white people were present. Mr. Montgomery (Ted) of Tuskegee told me that some Montgomery people were negotiating for the Red Creek deposit of clay, through Judge Brewer. They think they have information enough to go ahead with it. Keep your eyes and ears open for any peculiar advances from any apparently disinterested parties..."

Carver's touring lectures and conferences, like the one referred to in the present letter at the Voorhees Normal & Indistrial School for the Training of Colored Young Men and Women, did much to advance his reputation. Among his many inventions and discoveries, Carver extracted pigments from various colored clay to produce inexpensive house paint. It seems likely the reference to purchasing a deposit of red clay was for that purpose.