Robert le Diable

L'Innocence Victorieuse et la Calomnie Confondue...Extrait des Registres du Parlement du Mercredi 23 Novembre 1757 du matin...Extrait des Registres du Parlement du mardy 29 Novembre 1757 du matin.

N.. P. [Paris: 1757].

Pp. 1-4. 1 vols. 4to. Robert le Diable. Disbound, stitchmarks, some minor discoloration, else very good Item #39532

Part of the investigation following the execution of Robert-François Damien, nicknamed "Robert le Diable" for the attempted assassination of Louis XV, le Bien-Aimé. The second piece issued by Ysabeau.¶ The 5th of January 1757 Robert-François Damiens stabbed King Louis XV. The wound bled profusely and the King who feared he was dying made his confessions for his life of vice. Fearing that Damiens was working for the British or the Jesuits, he was horribly tortured with red-hot pincers, boiling oil, molten lead and wax poured into his wounds. He still maintained that he was working on his own and had intended only to scare the King. He was presented to the nation as a monster, Voltaire described him as "Le monstre est un chien qui aura entendu aboyer quelques chiens Enquêtes et qui aura pris la rage." He was condemned the 28 March and in the Place de Grève he was publicly tortured, his body torn into pieces by horses and his still-living trunk burned on a large pyre with the ashes spread to the wind. The execution was a major spectacle for the city drawing large crowds. His house was destroyed and his family forced to change their name and leave the country.

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