Groucho Marx 'Beds'

“Beds, by Groucho Marx … Counted more Sheep in one night than anyone else in the world … Pick me up and pace the floor" [with:] "Victorian Couples, particularly when they are engaged to be married, always avoid any reference to beds"

n.p. [1931].

Price: $4,500.00

About the item

Robinson, W. Heath. Pen and ink on artist boards, signed “W. Heath Robinson”. 22 x 15 in. and 15 x 10 in. Groucho Marx 'Beds'. Near fine. Framed and matted. Literature: The Passing Show (Summer Holiday Annual, 1931).

Item #37902

The whimsical illustrations were published in a double-page spread in The Passing Show Summer Holiday Annual 1931.