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Promotional Handbill

Notice. To Home-Seekers. Northwest Arkansas.

[Eureka Springs, Arkansas]: [ca. 1895].

Price: $450.00

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2pp. handbill, with advertisement on verso for E. R. Ray, lawyer, abstracter and real estate agent in Eureka Springs. Manuscript annotation (by Ray?) on verso below the advertisement: "We now have water works & Sewage, Electric Street and Rys. & Lights.". 8-3/4 x 5-7/8 inches. Promotional Handbill. A bit toned, folds.

Item #367752

Handbill presumably issued by E. R. Ray promoting settlement in Eureka Springs and northwest Arkansas. The text extolls the virtues of the region: the fertile soil to produce all kinds of crops and fruits, the freshness of the water and the access to healing springs, the richness in gold, silver and other metals, the public school system, etc. The verso is an advertisement for Ray's services, noting that Eureka Springs "will soon be lighted with electricity instead of Gas as it now is and the street cars will then be propelled by electricity instead of horse power." Unrecorded in OCLC.