Item #367621 Quire. A Poetry [Literary] Tract. No. 1 to No. 20
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Quire. A Poetry [Literary] Tract. No. 1 to No. 20.

Minnesota City, MN: The Last Press, 2022-2023.

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Each issue printed letterpress from Bembo, Perpetua, or Lutetia on handmade paper in editions of circa 60 to 100. Various paginations. 20 vols. Quarto and smaller. Fine.

Item #367621

Stylish and beatifully printed series of literary tracts (prose or poetry, with subtitle varying accordingly), from Chad Oness and the Last Press.
Comprising: No. 1, Shakespeare; no. 2, poems by James Boyd White; no. 3 poems by Kim Roberts; no. 4, four poems by Pamela McClure; no. 5, All the While by Christopher Buckley; no. 6, three poems by Lynette Reini-Grandell; no. 7, poems by Donald Revell; no. 8, five poems by Catherine Abbey Hodges; no. 9, six poems by Christopher Howell; no. 10, Sweet-Williams, a miniature story, by Mary E. Wilkins Freeman; no. 11, six prose poems by Mark Jarman; no. 12, two poems by Christine Kitano, engraving by Ladislav Hanka; no. 13, The Mask of Andreas Germer; no. 14, Six Golden Shovels after Galway Kinnell’s ‘Prayer’ by Katrina Roberts, image by Gary Young; no. 15, The Visit, a story by Maureen Aitken, color vignette on title page; no. 16, five poems by Maurya Simon, with cuts by Ladislav Hanka in red or blue; no. 17, Anna Leahy; no. 18, Mai’a Williams; no. 19 Qx, by Mark Valentine; no. 20, Sex Coffee, by Desiree Cooper.

The issues are usually a single trifold sheet; The Mark of Andreas Germer is an original ghost story by the late Ron Weighell as a sewn chapbook with an engraving by Ladislav Hanka.