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Ledger and Missionary Account Book 1874-1882...with 6 bank statements to Krecker from the Yokahama branch of the Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank, 1880-1882.

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Folio. Worn reversed calf. Solid. Sources: Miss Ada Marie Krecker: Beautiful Life of Mrs. Elizabeth Krecker. 1905, Woman's Missionary Society of the United Evangelical Church; Tiny Endeavor, Cleveland, 1876.

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Dr Frederick Krecker was a Navy Physician and in practice in the Lehigh Valley of Pennsylvania. After retirement he , his wife and 3 children embarked on the "Orient" as their church's first Missionaries to Japan. Page 87-154 are his accounts of his work in Yokohama and Tokyo from 1876-1882. Accompanied by Miss Rachel Hudson and the Rev. and Mrs. A. Halbacher they arrived in Yokohama in 1876.
The Doctor went straight to work, ministering to those poor Japanese who could not afford healers, and in company with Rev. Halmbacher spread the Gospel of their church, Calvary He was among the first medical missionaries in Japan, and the first from his church. He and his wife lived in Japan until he died from typhus on the 26th of April, 1883.
He acounted for all supplies, and other materials sent by the church for his work, in his household accounts. The last 2 pages cover his accounts with the Oriental Bank Corporation.
After his death his wife moved back to Pennsylvania, with her children in 1886 and lived there and East Orange, NJ until her death in 1903.