[Exceptional group of photographs in Montana, including images of the Grass Dance on the Blackfeet reservation].

[Montana]: [1899].

Price: $8,500.00

About the item

21 silver print photographs. Captioned in pencil on verso. Approx. 4-3/4x7 inches each. Uniformly matted.

Item #365579

Although the photographer is unidentified, the captions on the verso are in the same hand and the image quality suggests a pictorialist such as Dan Dutro, or an extremely talented amateur. The group if noted for its images on the Blackfeet reservation, including several of the Grass Dance dated 1899.

The captions comprise:
Grass Dance 1899
Grass Dance 1899
Inside Medicine Lodge
Camp on Cut Bank on Reserve
Cut Bank
Cut Bank Creek
Cut Bank [in winter]
Cut Bank [in winter]
Camp in Cut Bank [in winter]
View in the large park on Cut Bank
Peak up Two Medicine
Upper St. Mary's Lake
Upper St. Mary's
Up Birch River
Birch Creek south line of reserve
Birch Creek
Birch Creek
Fish Lake south of reserve
Fish Lake
Grinnell Mt and Swift Current Fall
On the trail to Bull's Head Mine in the Swift Current country, back of Grinnell Mt. Mt Wilbur in distance.