Item #35111 Typed Letter, signed (“Ernie”), to George Brown, his boxing coach and trainer. Ernest Hemingway.

The Hemingways on a Diet

Typed Letter, signed (“Ernie”), to George Brown, his boxing coach and trainer.

Finca Vigia San Francisco de Paula Cuba: August 7, 1941.

One page with 5-line postscript in blue ink, on sheet of personal stationery. 1 vols. 8vo. The Hemingways on a Diet. Old folds, overall very good, with accompanying envelope addressed in Hemingway's hand Item #35111

George Brown owned a gym in New York City where Hemingway worked out when he was in the town, and he and George Brown became fast friends, Brown serving as his trainer and boxing coach, as well as supplier of sporting goods, ticket agent, and general factotum to Hemingway, Martha (and later Mary) while they were in Cuba.
A relaxed and contented Hemingway writes to his friend Brown, basking in the financial success of FOR WHOM THE BELL TOLLS, newly married to Martha Gellhorn, happy with his recently purchased home in Cuba: “Thank you ever so much for the things. They all came through the customs okay, and Martha's shoes have made a big improvement in her tennis. She beat me 6-3, for a dollar and today I think I can get her on the court for two dollars. We'll see what happens. She is down to 127 and I'm stuck at around 215 and can't get under it probably because of no big fish to boil the fat off the inside. It's been very quiet since you left, and no more shouts of 'Brown's deuce' and other rare methods of counting at tennis ... I'll try and get in good shape before we come to New York, so oil up your bicycle. Don't try to come off the ropes holding with that right hand, because I've thought up something terrible to have happen ... Martha sends her love.”
Beneath, in ink, Hemingway can't resist reporting his scores at shooting: “won a couple of matches at pigeons. 15 x 15. 17 x 17. And won $175 in combination singles and doubles shoot 19 x 20”.

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