Typed Contract, signed "G. Bernard Shaw," for permissions and royalties regarding "The Dark Lady of the Sonnets"

London: November 22, 1928.

Price: $1,500.00

About the item

One leaf. Printed contract, recto and verso, split horizontally at center, with typescript text on verso, signed in black ink by Shaw.

Item #346658

A standard printed contract stipulating the "Terms and Conditions for Professional Productions" of "Mr. Bernard Shaw's Plays." This particular iteration, augmented in typescript on the verso, is for a performance of "The Dark Lady of the Sonnets" by the "Reading Labour Reperatory Company" on "the 21st November, 1928." Dated the following day (November 22, 1928), and signed in autograph by Shaw underneath, the contract includes a typescript addition at bottom: "Owing to the shortness of the play a deduction of 50% may be made when paying royalties."