Inventory of a household moving from France to America

Mid-19th century French manuscript inventory detailing personal and household goods, including books, maps, and engravings sent from France to New York and from the United States back to France [Transatlantic Inventory].

France & the United States: circa 1840.

Price: $2,500.00

About the item

[26] leaves plus forty-eight blank leaves. 12mo. Inventory of a household moving from France to America. Contemporary mottled calf, spine gilt, edges marbled. Slight wear to outer joints. Composed in a clear, clean hand. Occasional minute soiling. Very good.

Item #346004

A detailed manuscript inventory listing personal and household goods transported to the United States from France and, separately, items shipped from America back to France. The volume records the possessions of Eugène Mourgue, his wife Colombe, and their domestic servants, beginning with the dozen trunks which they had shipped to the United States. The objects shipped for their travels includes cloth, clothing, porcelain, china, and silver. The manuscript also provides detailed lists of the objects the Mourgue household shipped back to France upon their return to the Continent. Of particular interest is a box of books with specific titles briefly noted. These include La Pérouse's Voyage in four volumes plus atlas; a multi-volume set of Duhamel du Monceau, a twenty-volume set of Buffon; Abbé Raynal's Atlas; numerous books for children; geographies, dictionaries, and other educational volumes; and numerous other works (including Oliver Goldsmith's Vicarie De Wakefield). Morgue also returned to France with numerous maps and prints, including "Amerique septentionale," "Golphe du mexique," "La mort[e] de [Captain] Cook," views of New York and Mount Vernon, and portraits of Washington and Franklin.