Perspectives USA subscription card mailed to the home of Langston Hughes

Perspectives USA subscription mailer addressed to Langston Hughes' home.

New York: Intercultural Publications Inc, 1952.

Price: $500.00

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Single leaf, folded into thirds; 10" x 5" Perspectives USA subscription card mailed to the home of Langston Hughes. Single card-stock sheet folded horizontally twice for mailing, toning to edges and wear to top and bottom of card, recipient's address label and stamp pasted down on verso; else very good.

Item #339754

Perspectives USA was a groundbreaking magazine for American arts and culture and during the course of its sixteen issue run (1952-1956) and featured artists and writers such as William Carlos Williams, Thornton Wilder Kenneth Rexroth, W.H. Auden, Ezra Pound, Tennessee Williams, Saul Bellow, Dave Brubeck, E E Cummings, James T Farrell, William Faulkner, and many more. It was revolutionary in that it brought these names to more people than many other focused serial publications of the time might have but also largely because it was a part of a scheme by the U.S. government to undermine the Soviet Union during the Cold War.Funded by the Ford Foundation, Perspectives U.S.A. was a quarterly designed to show people outside the U.S. that "Americans can think as well as chew gum." It was printed abroad in English, French, German and Italian, with an intention for other languages such as Spanish, Russian and Arabic to follow.

This subscription card preceded the publication of the inaugural issue and was mailed to Nate White at 20 E. 127th St. in New York. This was the home of Langston Hughes and White was his secretary from 1948-1951.