Item #339413 “The most Difficult Journey in the World”. A Pilgrimage to Tibet and Back [Cover title]. Christabel Bevan.

‘Tibet is changing fast’

“The most Difficult Journey in the World”. A Pilgrimage to Tibet and Back [Cover title].

[Pondicherry, French India: Published by Miss Christabel Bevan, Sri Aurobindhu's Ashram ... printed by D.A.Lakin at the Statesman Press, Calcutta, 1950].

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Photographic illustrations. 40 pp. 1 vols. 8vo. ‘Tibet is changing fast’. Original pink wrappers, minor fading. OCLC: 34450800 (McGill, UC Santa Barbara).

Item #339413

"Now this year 1950 is highly important as it marks the beginning of a New Era in the world as well as the beginning of tremendous cataclysms which will change the face of the Earth. The Age of Aquarious is dawning: it is the age of the Air, the Age of Brotherhood, the Age in which we shall see the establishment of the Reign of Love on Earth, some have called it the Golden Age. It is for this reason that this particular disciple undertakes her pilgrimage at this particular time..." (p. 4).

Christabel Bevan, b. 1901, was a disciple of Sri Aurobindhu, “interested in religion, unmarried, and a vegetarian”, and her privately printed journal recounts her unauthorized journey from northern Sikkim to Tibet over the Donkya La pass, by horse, yak, foot, and across rivers on the backs of her guides, to reach Natan, Shigatsi, and along the Brahmaputra river. When she reached Shigatsi, her funds were exhausted, and after sending a cable to Gangtok, the Tibetan authorities became aware that she had entered without permission. She was escorted back to the border of Sikkim. The return over the Donkya La pass “appeared to be harder this side than from Sikkim.”
A highly eccentric account of Tibet just after Indian independence, and an unusual imprint (Pondicherry was absorbed by India in 1954).
Very scarce.