Item #329305 Albert Einstein, Physicist, Princeton, N.J., 1938. Albert Einstein, Lotte Jacobi.

A Choice Portrait of Einstein

Albert Einstein, Physicist, Princeton, N.J., 1938.

[Deering, NH: c. 1960s].

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Black and white photographic print post card, signed by the photographer in ink beneath the image. 1 vols. 5-1/2 x 3-1/2 inches. A Choice Portrait of Einstein. Fine.

Item #329305

When Life magazine proposed to do a "photo story" on Albert Einstein in 1938, the physicist stipulated that “Miss Jacobi” be the photographer. Lotte Jacobi was, like Einstein, a German exile,whom he knew from their days in Berlin. "Jacobi chose to shoot the pictures at Einstein's residence in Princeton, where he would be most comfortable. The resulting series of photographs are perhaps the most striking ever taken of Einstein. […] However, they were deemed too informal for Life and were never published in the magazine. The have been reproduced elsewhere on numerous occasions and remain Jacobi's most famous series." (Steven Schuyler, "Lotte Jacobi: A Personal and Historical Profile," AB Bookman's Weekly, Feb. 1, 1999).
An excellent example of Jacobi’s portrait of the great thinker, here signed by the photographer.