Item #324583 View: The Modern Magazine. Charles Henri Ford, ed.

"Through the Eyes of Poets…"

View: The Modern Magazine.

1940 - 1947.

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32 vols. "Through the Eyes of Poets…" All issues are present except for the final issue (Vol. VII, no. 4) and are near fine.

Item #324583

View Magazine was a New York City based publication founded and edited by Charles Henri Ford and Parker Tyler that ran from 1940 - 1947 and dealt with art and poetry and notably introduced Americans to Surrealism. The magazine featured artists and writers such as Max Ernst, André Breton, Yves Tanguy, William Carlos Williams, Florine Stettheimer, Man Ray, Marcel Duchamp, Leonora Carrington, Pavel Tchelitchew, and many others.

Initially designed as a monthly newspaper, the format evolved to become a digest for the second series, before finally becoming a quarterly magazine by volume three. It was this more visually striking iteration the magazine is known for with it's featured full-color covers given over to a singular artist each issue.

View Editions, the associated publishing house, came out with the first monograph on Marcel Duchamp and the first book translations of André Breton's poems. This set lacking only the last issue.

Vol. I, no. 1 [September 1940] article: Pavel Tchelitchew [photo]
Vol. I, no. 2 [October 1940] article: "Hollywood in Disguise"
Vol. I, no. 3 [November 1940] article: "Nicolas Calas and Charles Henri Ford"
Vol. I, no. 4-5 [December - January 1941] article: Kurt Seligmann [etching]
Vol. I, no. 6 [June 1941] article: Dali…
Vol. I, no. 7-8 [October - November 1941] article: Andre Breton…
Vol. I, no. 9-10 [December - January 1942] article: Pavel Tchelitchew [image]
Vol. I, no. 11-12 [February - March 1942] article: "The Politics of Spirit"

Vol. II, no. 1 [April 1942] cover: Max Ernst
Vol. II, no. 2 [May 1942] flip-cover: Yves Tanguy / Pavel Tchelitchew
Vol. II, no. 3 [October 1942] cover: Roger Caillos
Vol. II, no. 4 [January 1942] cover: Joseph Cornell

Vol. III, no. 1 [Spring 1944] cover: Kurt Seligmann
Vol. III, no. 2 [Summer 1943] cover: Man Ray
Vol. III, no. 3 [Fall 1943] cover: Andre Masson
Vol. III, no. 4 [Winter 1943] cover: Pavel Tchelitchew

Vol. IV. no. 1 [Spring 1944] cover: Alexander Calder
Vol. IV, no. 2 [Summer 1944] cover: Georgia O'Keefe
Vol. IV, no. 3 [Fall 1944] cover: Fernand Leger
Vol IV, no.4 [December 1944] cover: Esteban Frances

Vol. V, no. 1 [1945] cover: Marcel Duchamp
Vol. V, no. 2 [May 1945] cover:Wilfredo Lam
Vol. V, no. 3 [October 1945] cover: Morris Hirshfield
Vol V, no. 4 [November 1945] cover: Leon Kelly
Vol V, no. 5 [December 1945] cover: Andre Masson
Vol. V, no. 6 [January 1946] cover: John Tunnard

Vol. VI, no. 1 [February 1946] cover: Leonor Fini
Vol. VI, no. 2-3 [March - April 1946] cover: Constantin Brancusi's studio
Vol. VI, no. 4 [May 1946] cover: Jean Hélion

Vol. VII, no. 1 [Fall 1946] cover: Isamu Noguci
Vol. VII, no. 2 [December 1946] cover: René Magritte
Vol. VII, no. 3 [Spring 1947] cover: Pavel Tchelitchew
Vol. VII, no. 4 [? 1947] cover: Eugene Berman *LACKING.