Item #324328 The Trail of the Buccaneers. By the Chief. William Ellis? Corey.

The Trail of the Buccaneers. By the Chief.

[n.p., New York?]: Privately Printed, [1924].

Illustrated. x, [ii], 121 pp. Tipped in leaf opposite p. 1, "Illiminatus.". 1 vols. 8vo. Original blue cloth. Upper cover with some minor staining. Very good Not in Phillips, Riling, Biscotti, or Heller. Not in OCLC. Item #324328

William E. Corey was a director of the Mechanics & Metals National Bank in New York. His boon companions on the trip were John Hill Prentice (“Badger”), Frederic N. Watriss, and Frederick C. Havemeyer (“Meyer”).

The trip by private car "Constitution" left en route for Guaymas, Mexico, on Feb. 15, 1924, from Penn Station: “Nevertheless, it managed to hang on to the train, rolled through Washington, Atlanta, Montgomery, New Orleans, El Paso, Tucson, Nogales, and at last …”

“The car was manned with our old Montana crew, — Brice as chef, Eli as porter, and “Cochunko” as waiter.”

The tipped in leaf of typescript, “Illuminatus”, begns: The Yacqui scare was planned by Watriss and the writer as a joke.

We reached Gyuamas at 6:00 a.m. … Forthwith we re-christened this city “Athole.”

The party boarded the yawl-rigged Athene, chartered from San Francisco. On the marine portion of the excursion, Meyer caught two “totoava” (white seabass), one of which, weighing 95 pounds, is illustrated at page 19. One shore leave, they hunted deer (without success), and caught many totava in comparatively shallow water. The party also caught white salmon and hunted sea-lions (unsuccessfully). They landed at Rocky Point and trekked to Thirteen Mile Well, through terrain “carpeted in places with beautiful yellow and white flowers.”

They travelled across the desert to Killalee Tank in search of wild sheep, then on to El Capitan Tank. From this campsite, the frying pan” (108º in the sun and 85º in the shade, only there was no shade), Meyer and a guide went to stalk a suitable sheep. “The ram proved to be between four and five years old, fat, in good condition. Horns measured 14-3/4" at base, 28-1/2" outside curve, 18-1/2" spread.”

An excellent journal, well-written and illustrated, of an interesting trip into little known territory.


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