James Joyce. Berenice Abbott.

One of a kind hand-coated palladium print

James Joyce.

1928 [1989].

4 1/2" x 3 1/2" (8 1/2" x 11" sheet). One of a kind hand-coated palladium print. Hand-coated palladium prints on Strathmore Bristol paper Item #320662

Berenice Abbott photographed James Joyce in Paris on two occasions, at his home in 1926 and in her studio in 1928. This is from the latter sitting, and is the more uncommon image of Joyce without his velvet hat, here staring directly into the camera.

Abbott's last project was called Portraits in Palladium, Paris—New York, 1926-1929. It consists of a bound portfolio of 11 portraits, and rather than her usual silver prints, these are the only palladium prints that Abbott ever authorized, made from her favorite glass negatives. Only 25 copies were made for sale, and 3 were immediately destroyed in a flood before they could be sold. The edition sold out and individual prints have been rarely offered for sale. This is a test print, and as this image did not make it into the portfolio, it is the only known palladium print of this image.

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