[Archive of personal correspondence to his close friends Charles and Torre Seiniger, and his godson Tony Seiniger]. Barry Goldwater.

[Archive of personal correspondence to his close friends Charles and Torre Seiniger, and his godson Tony Seiniger].

Vp [but mostly Washington D.C.]: 1939-1977.

Together 38 typed letters, various signed "Barry", "Barry Goldwater" or via secretarial or autopen signature. Mostly 1p. each on U.S. Senate or personal stationery, most with original mailing envelopes. Each 8 1/2 x 11 inches. Item #320403

The close relationship evident in these letters began in the 1930s, when Torre Seiniger was a sportswear buyer for Bullock's and Barry Goldwater ran his family's department store in Phoenix. The correspondence begins with letters written during World War II, beginning with a touching letter thanking her for making him godfather to her baby son Tony, followed by several long letters about his service in the reserve U.S. Army Air Forces and flying planes as part of the Ferry Command: "... I fly around over this country, over its deserts and its mountains and its cities and its rivers and all of its beauties and sitting up there in that little cockpit all alone with no one to talk to by me and I think ... Goddamn this is a good country and it is worth all a man or woman can give it ... This is going to be a better America when this is all over and your kids and my kids should be glad they are coming into a world that will be ruled by heart and not by the stinky dollar."

The majority of the letters, however, are written during the 1960s and 1970s, and include thank you notes, letters regarding visits, his wife's health, and other personal and social matters, but also letters mentioning his political activities and his presidential run. For example, in a June 1963 letter written just a few months prior to his officially deciding to run to the Republican nomination for President, he writes: "If there hadn't always been with me a deep understanding of your backing, I would have still been in Arizona tending to the business of the store. There have been no changes in my plans. I am merely watching the ball bounce and hoping and praying that it doesn't bounce too hard in my direction." Or a May 1964 letter: "This whole thing is about over, but I have enjoyed most every moment of it except those when I have had to be away from my family. In a few weeks we will know whether the effort has been in vain or not, but win, lose or draw, the world isn't going to stop."

Several letters in the collection written to his godson Tony are of particular note, including a 1945 letter sending him a bible: "I do not intend that you become a Bible hound but you can never know enough about this book because in it are all the words of happiness and strength you will ever need." Perhaps the most stirring letter in the archive, however, is an October 30, 1963 letter to Tony about the meaning of patriotism: "... It is a difficult thing to define. It is the tear in the eye in recalling the deeds of men who built our country. It is the feeling of pride when the Flag goes by. But it is more than just emotions like these and it has been expressed far better than I ever could by men writing in moments of danger..." The letter continues by discussing a letter written by William Travis at the Alamo.

[with:] Typed letter signed by Betty Ford to Torre Seiniger, dated January 5, 1974, responding to her congratulations on Gerald Ford's swearing in as Vice President.

[and with:] [Two books by Goldwater inscribed to Torre Seiniger]. The Conscience of a Conservative. Kentucky: 1960. Second printing. Lacks dust jacket. [and] Portrait of an Arizonan. Chicago:1964. Lacks dust jacket, spine faded.

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