Typed Letter, signed (“Love, Phil”), to Patricia Warrick, 11 January 1981.

[Santa Ana, California]: 11 January 1981.

Price: $5,000.00

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3 pages, single spaced, approx 1,300 words. Signed on the last leaf with a doodle of a heart and arrow. 4to. Fine. With original mailing envelope.

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An intense and wide-ranging letter to Patricia Warrick, covering theological and psychoanalytical speculations, mentioning his twin sister Jane who died at birth, the mystical visions in early 1974 and “The AI voice which speaks to me”, as well as themes and ideas in several of his works (VALIS, The Divine Invasion, and Maze of Death), and by Theodore Sturgeon and Wilhelm Reich. He writes candidly of “uncondition love, which, I say is maternal, not paternal; so the female side of God is revealed through Jesus.
“I had not worked any of this out when I wrote VALIS, but consider this passage where Sophia (who is the Savior and who is female!) is speaking:
‘Many claim to speak for god, but there is only one god and that god is man himself. Therefore only those leaders who protect and shelter will live; the others will die.’ ”

The recipient, scholar and critic Patricia S. Warrick, was a scholar who explored the fraught relations between humans and cybernetic beings, robots, and androids. She was author of ‪The Cybernetic Imagination in Science Fiction‪ (1980)‬ and ‪Mind in Motion: The Fiction of Philip K. Dick‪ (1987)‬, “the most thorough study of his entire oeuvre yet published” (SFE); with Isaac Asimov and Martin H. Greenberg, Warrick edited a notable anthology, Machines That Think: The Best Science Fiction Stories about Robots & Computers (1984).