Album of letters to Robert McNamara, from American government or world leaders, including Earl Warren, Indira Gandhi, Walter Mondale, Dean Rusk, Henry Ford II, Henry Kissinger, Nelson Rockefeller, Katherine Graham, Coretta Scott King, and more.

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Walter Mondale. TLS 1 page April 6, 1983. reading in part, "President Reagan's defense buildup is outsized and wasteful by any measure. Leading members of his own party concur on this judgement..."

Another Mondale 1 page TLS Januray 1, 1983 on regime change in South Africa reading in part, "The only question is whether it will be evolutionary or revolutionary. The latter would be an unspeakable tragedy for all peoples of southern Africa..."

Dean Rusk. 1 page TLS. May 8, 1972. Reading in part "I still haven't made up my mind whether to appear in connection with Pentagon Papers. I don't relish the idea, but I am a bit bothered by the absence of any voice representing the Kennedy and Johnson administrations..."

Henry Kissinger, ANS Nov. 3, 1969. Signed "Henry" "I am sending you an advanced copy of tonight's address on Vietnam, together with a speech outline and background paper." This would be Nixon's November 3, 1969: Address to the Nation on the War in Vietnam

McGeorge Bundy 2 TLSs Dec, 20, 1971 & May 5, 1971. About talking to Kissinger about McNamara's thought on sub-continent

John Califano. TLS. To McNamara. June 26, 1969. Sending a long a rebuttal to Washington Post article of June 23, 1969. 5 pages criticizing McNamara. with another sending Memoirs Sept 10, 2008.

John Connally. 1 page. TLS. 1 page on Sec. of Treasury letterhead June 3, 1972. Thanking him for his praise.

Henry Ford. TLS. 1 page on the effect actions taken by the Ford Foudation affects the sales of Ford Motor Co.

Averell Harriman, 2 ANS on printed cards of thanks for condolence about Marie, Averell's wife

Earl Warren. TLS. 1 page. June 26, 1969. Thanking him for hsi thoughtful letter on his retirement from the Supreme Court. April 5, 1971. To Margaret and Bob, thanking them for a silver dish which is a replica of the Kennedy half dollar

Indira Gandhi ; April 3, 1969: TLS. On World Bank's assitance in attaining self-suffiency in domestic fertilizer and the Goa project and Mangalore Project. Another: April 1, 1972. Thanking him for his good wishes for the election which she says were overwhelming and indicate the India people wish for piece.

U Thant: thanking him for lunch and the importance of the World Bank (i.e. Internatioanl Bank for Reconstruction and Development ) of which McNamara was Presidsent and the UN working together

Also included are copies of Califano’s letter to the editor of the Washington Post, a speech by Katharine Graham about McNamara, and a photocopy of an annotated 2-page speech (n.d.) by McNamara, 4 memos, 7 photocopies of letters by McNamara or his secretary, a photocopy of a photograph of McNamara marching, a color copy of McNamara’s 1982 Einstein Peace Prize, 11 miscellaneous items related to McNamara’s honorary degree from Oxford (1987), and a New Year’s card from King Hussein with a family photo.