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Postcard Photograph of Helen Keller and Enrico Caruso, signed and inscribed

Postcard Photograph Signed and Inscribed, "With Love / Helen Keller"

Parkersburg, (W.Va.): 22 May 1916 [from postmark].

Real photo postcard, signed with inscription on verso. 3-1/4x 5-1/4 inches. Postcard Photograph of Helen Keller and Enrico Caruso, signed and inscribed. Some impressions from cancellation postmark verso, cello tape remnants of mounting at right edge verso (3-1/2 x 5-1/2 inches). American Foundation for the Blind (AFB), Helen Keller Archive: Letter from Helen Keller, Forest Hills, NY to Enrico Caruso --July 2, 1918; Letter from Enrico Caruso, NYC to Helen Keller--July 13, 1918. Item #318170

On the verso Keller has written: "HE POURED HIS WONDERFUL VOICE INTO MY HAND" .

Photograph itself is signed and Inscribed, "With Love / Helen Keller," in pencil vertically in the blank right margin,

WITH: Autograph Note, to Mrs. John Hays Hammond, on verso: "He poured his wonderful voice into my hand and my soul was filled with music," in pencil.
The photograph, snapshot showing Keller with her hand over the mouth of Enrico Caruso. Signed ;

On April 24, 1916, in Atlanta, Georgia, Enrico Caruso gave a private performance for Helen Keller of the opening aria of the third act from Saint-Saëns’ Samson and Delilah. Two years later, the two corresponded regarding Keller's acquisition of Italian and her desire for Caruso to appear in a film, which he politiely declined.

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