Tyed Letter, signed (“P. Jordan”), to Laszlo Magyar. Pascual Jordan.
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Tyed Letter, signed (“P. Jordan”), to Laszlo Magyar.

Hamburg: 19/11/71.

1 page, 22 lines. 4to. Old folds. Fine. Item #317085

Solid if anodyne letter from the noted German scientist Pascual Jordan (1902-1980), remarking that his chief interest in recent years has been pure mathematics, which “gives joy to no one who is not already a matehmatician”; Jordan also observes that his books are sold in the Soviet Union and that his work in the press Begegnungen, could be sold in Yugoslavia without objection.

Jordan was a German physicist who made significant contributions to quantum mechanics and quantum field theory along with Heisenberg and Born. He contributed much to the mathematical form of matrix mechanics, and developed canonical anticommutation relations for fermions. While the Jordan algebra is employed for and is still used in studying the mathematical and conceptual foundations of quantum theory, it has found other mathematical applications.
He would have won the Nobel Prize if he had not been a Nazi.

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