Autograph manuscript draft, signed (“Max”), Sonnet to W.S. June 1914. Max Beerbohm.

Autograph manuscript draft, signed (“Max”), Sonnet to W.S. June 1914.


Pen and ink on an small envelope, title, 14 lines, signed below. 1 vols. 4-3/4 x 3-3/4 inches. A few small spots from old pin holes, generally near fine and entirely legible Riewald, Max in Verse, no. 46. Item #316757

A choice Beerbohm manuscript, a deft sonnet in honor of painter Walter Sickert (1860-1942), invoking Whistler and other figures of Max’s youth, and the music halls — “The Hoxton Palace of Varieties” — and reflecting upon the passage of time and enduring presence of Sickert, who was in 1914 working in experimental modes as painter and essayist. Sickert had portrayed Beerbohm for Vanity Fair as early as 1897 (when Max was in his mid-twenties); Max included Sickert in A Book of Caricatures (1907), and had drawn several other caricatures over the years. Here Sickert receives the full energy of Max’s literary gaze. This manuscript (on the back of an envelope), varies slightly from the text as recorded in Riewald’s anthology.
With a manuscript metrical revision in the middle of the fourth line, and very up to date with its concluding allusion to “the boys of ‘Blast’”.

In part:

In my green boyhood I regarded you / As old, quite old, and took your talk as clue / to far-off faint romantic mysteries […] Now that I’m old and grey (tho’ still quite clever) / You’re an authentic juvenile …”.

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