Item #315218 Autograph sentiment signed ("Wendell Phillips"). Wendell Phillips.

Autograph sentiment signed ("Wendell Phillips").

N.p: 1869.

1.75 x 3.25 inch slip. Slightly toned, neatly removed from album Item #315218

"Liberty / Equality / Wendell Phillips /1869". Phillips (1811-1884) was the famed Boston orator, abolitionist, and women's rights and labor advocate. "As an orator who conceived of himself as a latter-day Patrick Henry or Edmund Burke, Phillips’s conception of the abolitionist as the catalyst for revolution in public opinion fitted his oratorical talents perfectly. In the 1850s no public speaker more completely dominated the debate over the problem of slavery and the growing crisis between North and South than did Phillips. His vision of himself as a heroic, patriotic agitator also fit perfectly with the cultural circumstances in which he found himself. Railways, telegraphy, and printed materials of all sorts were reaching all parts of the nation, making possible the extraordinary impact that Phillips achieved as a touring lecturer" (ANB).

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