A collection of 16 ALS, being received correspondence from various New England thinkers and educators.


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Approximately 29 pp. Various sizes. Old folds; overall condition fine.

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A collection of letters written to George Barrell Emerson (1797-1881), pioneer of girls' education and cousin of Ralph Waldo Emerson. Emerson graduated from Harvard in 1817, and served as tutor in mathematics and natural philosophy there from 1819 to 1821. He left that post in 1821 to become the first principal of the first public high school in the United States, the English Classical School of Boston (later renamed the English High School). In 1823 he founded the Emerson School for Girls, which he conducted for thirty years. Emerson also served as president of the Natural History Society from 1837-1843.

The letters cover a variety of subjects, frequently pertain to education; includes letters from William ADAM, Scottish-born Unitarian minister and missionary; Richard Henry DANA; Dorothea DIX, reformer and advocate for the mentally ill; Samuel ELIOT, historian and educator; Edward EVERETT, educator and orator; Horatio GREENOUGH, sculptor; Francis William Pitt GREENWOOD, Unitarian minister of King’s Chapel in Boston; Edward HITCHCOCK, geologist and president of Amherst College; Samuel Gridley HOWE, educator and abolitionist; Lucretia MOTT, reformer and women’s rights advocate; Elise C. OTTÉ, Danish scholar and historian; John Gorham PALFREY, historian; John PICKERING; Henry Darwin ROGERS, geologist; Henry WARE, Jr., theologian; and William WARE, writer and minister. A detailed list is available on request.