New Arrival

3 typed letters signed ("H.C. Lodge"), two to John Hays Hammond and one to the assistant of Mrs. Hammond.

Washington D.C and Nahant, Mass: March 30, 1901; October 7, 1907; and May 21, 1920.

Together, 3 pp. 4to. On United States Senate stationery. Old folds, remnants of mounts to verso of each. Item #314776

In the first letter Senator Lodge thanks Hammond for the copy of "Mrs. Hammond's pamphlet on the Boer War," saying he is "very glad to have it and to hear about both sides of this question." In the second letter Senator Lodge tells a Mr. James Campbell that he has "no copies of my speech at Gloucester" to send to Mrs. Hammond. In the last letter he promises to send John Hays Hammond a copy of "Silver Jack." Mining engineer and philanthropist John Hays Hammond (1855-1936) was jailed in 1896 by the Boer government in South Africa for his involvement in the failed Jameson Raid, designed to instigate an insurrection among the immigrant workers of the region and justify an extension of British rule. Natalie Hamonds published "The Boers and the Uitlanders," an address she delivered to the Century Club of San Francisco, in 1901.

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