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Archive of a founding Massachusetts statesman

Papers of Theophilus Parsons, Sr. and Jr and their descendants.

various sizes. Archive of a founding Massachusetts statesman. 103 ALSs, 7 signatures, and 5 printed books or pamphlets. Item #314637

Archive of manuscripts, correspondence, and other material by and related to Theophilus Parsons, Sr. (1750-1813), the leading 18th century Massachusetts lawyer and Chief Justice of the Massachusetts Supreme Court, including material relating to several descendants of note, including his son Theophilus Parsons, Jr.; his daughter ELIZABETH PARSONS, Civil War nurse and author of an important memoir of the role of women in that conflict; and GEORGE BARRELL EMERSON, pioneer of women's education. Among the papers are found Autograh letters signed of JOHN ADAMS, RALPH WALDO EMERSON, GEORGE BANCROFT, WILLIAM CULLEN BRYANT, WILLIAM ELLERY CHANNING, RICHARD HENRY DANA, ASA GRAY, FRANCIS PARKMAN, GEORGE TICKNOR, AND CHARLES SUMNER.

Parsons, Sr. is perhaps best known as the author of the Essex Report, which outlined many of the principles for a republican form of government. A Federalist, Parsons was the principal author of the plan which John Adams adopted for the Massachusetts state constitution, and he contributed significantly to the ratification of the federal constitution. Among the 80 pages of manuscript material by Parsons, Sr. is his "Charge to the Grand Jury," [1806], 18 pp, which comprises an important record of his views on the Constitution and on the practice of law;

103 ALSs, 7 signatures, and 5 printed books or pamphlets, comprising:

Theophilus Parsons, Sr.: 8 manuscripts, 80 pages; 12 letters to Parsons, Sr., 24 pages

Theophilus Parsons, Jr.: 37 letters to Parsons, Jr., 58 pages

Books and pamphlets by or relating to the Parsons family: 

Florence Nightingale: 
One ALS and two printed items

George Emerson, letters to: 
17; 31 pages

Other correspondence: 
28; 55 pages

7 .

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