Noted jurist and father of Elizabeth Cady Stanton

Two Autograph letters signed "Daniel Cady"

Johnstown, New York: 25 December 1834; 26 July 1839.

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1 page each. 1 vols. 4to and half 4to sheet. Noted jurist and father of Elizabeth Cady Stanton. To Wagner & Webster and to Peter J. Wagner. Laid down on larger colored sheet, some discoloration of larger sheet, folds, some light spotting. else very good.

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Both relating to court cases concerning mortgages. Cady, a noted attorney specialized in equity and real property law known for his remarkable knowledge and expertise. In 1847 he was elected an associate judge of the supreme court of New York. He was the son -in- law of colonel James Livingston and the father of Mrs. Elizabeth Cady Stanton. Peter J. Wagner was an eminent lawyer and Congressman from New York.
From the autograph collection of W. P. Webster.