Photograph of Wilbur Wright in a Wright Flyer at twilight. Wilbur Wright.

Inscribed by Wilbur Wright

Photograph of Wilbur Wright in a Wright Flyer at twilight.

[Le Mans, France: J. Thézard, 1908].

1 vols. 6.25 x 4.25 inches. Inscribed by Wilbur Wright. Mounted and framed. Fine. Item #314554

Inscribed by Wilbur Wright in white ink: "To George Quick/28 November 1908/Wilbur Wright." A striking image of Wilbur Wright in flight at dusk during one of his seminal exhibitions near Le Mans, France in 1908. George Quick was the personal secretary to Hart Berg, sales agent for the Wright Brothers in France. It was Berg who negotiated a deal with a group of French financiers who would manufacture and sell Wright aircraft in France under the name La Compagnie Générale de Navigation Aérienne. When the company purchased the French patents for the Wright planes as well as the marketing rights, Wilbur Wright made a series of record-setting promotional demonstration flights in France in the late summer and fall of 1908, and in doing so became a national hero.

Wilbur Wright died from typhoid fever in 1912 at the age of 45, before he could enjoy the full measure of his fame, and his signature is significantly less common than his brother's. While signed photo-postcards of Wilbur appear infrequently at auction or in the trade, signed photographs of Wilbur in flight are exceedingly rare. The lyricism of this image of Wilbur aloft in the Wright Flyer at twilight, coupled with the excellent association, make this one of the finest Wilbur Wright items we have encountered.

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