Manuscript indenture from 1670
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Manuscript indenture from 1670.

England: 1670.

315x365 cm. Ink on parchment. Single leaf of parchment, folded up at bottom edge, bisected with loss of text (contemporary cut), pricking holes along left margin, and a scalloped top edge. Verso faded and tanned with age, with three signatures of witnesses on verso after an attestation of witness in a contemporary hand. Item #314489

This indenture between Thomas Dillon of Stow on the Wold and a party whose name is cut off concerns the transfer of some possession for which the consent of John Dillon (Thomas's heir) was required. The considerable loss of text due to the contemporary practice of bisecting legal documents makes deciphering the full particulars of this document a challenge but the hand is clear and the document is in English.
Stow on the Wold is a market town in Gloucestershire. Several other parties or witnesses are mentioned, including William Sole, John Goff, John Wilson, and Thomas Wilson, among others.

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