"No Animal Living Approaches This in Size"

Great American Mastodon!! Now Exhibiting at the Hall.

[np: c. 1846].

1 vols. 610 x 435 mm. "No Animal Living Approaches This in Size" Light offsetting of text, probably from another copy of the broadside, some spotting. Matted. Item #313971

Rare broadside advertising the exhibition of the nearly complete mastodon skeleton unearthed in 1845 near Newburgh, New York on the farm of Nathaniel Brewster by workers digging for peat fuel. The first three words are printed in large block type (with letters two to three inches high). The
text describes where the skeleton was found, "imbedded in a marl pit, lying from 5 to 8 feet below the surface." Dimensions are given: "Length in straight line, 20 feet; by the curve, 29; of Tusks, 10 1/2. Height of Head, 12 feet; Back, 10: Width of Pelvis, 6...No Animal Living Approaches this in
Size." Blank spaces are left for exhibition hall name and admission price.

One of the most famous finds in the annals of American paleontology, the skeleton was purchased from the Brewster family by the noted surgeon, Dr. John Collins Warren, who wrote a monograph on the specimen in 1852 and kept it on display in a small Boston museum. The Warren Mastodon was later acquired by the American Museum of Natural History in New York, where it is remains on display. "The discovery of the mastodon skeleton, and Warren's serious treatment of it, mark the beginning of vertebrate paleontology inn this country" - Expedition (AMNH gallery guide) 46. Warren recalls in his memoir that he had learned of the skeleton after "it was brought into New
England, shown in various towns, and ultimately in Worcester" (LIFE..., Vol 2, p.223). That the broadside does not state a locale other than "the Hall" suggests that the broadside was designed for this traveling exhibition. A handsome American natural history exhibition broadside.

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