London: Published by J.M. Dent and Co, 1895-1907.

Price: $3,250.00

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38 vols. 8vo. Bound in three quarters red morocco, t.e.g. Bookplate. About fine.

Item #313204

Ursule Mirouet (1895), La Grande Breteche and Other Stories (1896), The Rise and Fall of Cesar Birotteau (1896), Beatrix (1896), The Chouans (1896), The Unknown Masterpiece and Other Stories (1896), A Harlot's Progress Volume I (1896), A Harlot's Progress Volume II (1896), The Peasantry (1896), The Country Parson (1896), Modeste Mignon (1896), Pierette and the Abbe Birotteau (1896), The Atheist's Mass and Other Stories (1896), A Distinguished Provincial at Paris (1897), The Unconscious Mummers and Other Stories (1897), (WITHOUT):About Catherine de Medici (1897), The Lily of the Valley (1897), A Daughter of Eve and Letters of Two Brides (1897), The Seamy Side of History (1897), Lost Illusions (1897), A Marriage Settlement and Other Stories (1897), Cousin Pons (1897), Seraphita (1897), The Thirteen (1897), Parisians in the Country (1897), At the Sign of the Cat and Racket (1897), The Jealousies of a Country Town (1898), The Middle Classes (1898), The Member for Arcis (1898), A Father's Curse (1898), A Gondreville Mystery (1898), A Princess's Secrets (1898), The Country Doctor (1900), The Quest of the Absolute (1901), Old Goriot (1903), The Wild Ass's Skin (1903), A Bachelor's Establishment (1904), Eugenie Grandet (1905), A Woman of Thirty (1907). Bookseller Inventory # 101962.