Lillian. Arnold Bennett.

Young typist yearns for luxury and excitement


London, New York, Toronto and Melbourne: Cassell and Company, [1922].

First edition. 1 vols. 8vo. Young typist yearns for luxury and excitement. Green cloth. Very Good with some foxing. No dust jacket Item #312114

Arnold Bennett (1867-1931) began writing full-time in 1900, after publishing his first novel A Man From the North in 1898. He was unashamed of the fact that he wrote novels for money, rather than for the joy of writing alone, and was also a non-fiction author, journalist, and operatic author. His first widely successful novel was The Old Wives' Tale, published in 1908.

Bennett served as the director of propaganda for France at the Ministry of Information during World War I, for which he was offered a knighthood. (He declined.)

One of Bennett's later novels, Lilian is a typist at an all-night typists shop when the novel commences. She yearns for a life of glamour and adventure. Her employer offers her the life of luxury she longs for, but the conditions are intolerable, leading her to long to return to the comfort of her previous, plainer life.

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